World Spina Bifida Day Celebration Sticker Pack

World Spina Bifida Day Celebration Sticker Pack

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October 25th is World Spina Bifida Day! We hope you’ll join us by wearing teal and posting a picture on social media to show us how you’re celebrating the day. We’re dedicating the day to celebrate all people living with spina bifida.

On World Spina Bifida Day during spina bifida awareness month, let’s take time to celebrate so loudly that the world hears our community! It’s time to make the world more aware of this birth defect, of the advocacy needed, and to see how much love surrounds this community.

When posting to social media on World Spina Bifida Day please use one of these hashtags:


It’s easy:
1. Wear teal on October 25!
2. Take selfies and photos.
3. Share them on social media using hashtags #worldspinabifidaday.
4. Search hashtags #worldspinabifidaday to see the rest of the world participating too.

This is a public event. Please invite all of your friends and family.